Q: How do i know what style to get?

A: depends on what you want it for, think about what you want it to cover? think about what type of closure you want it to have. We have a great variety, you WILL find the perfect one! Don't forget we offer live chat that will allow you to talk to us to help you choose one if you need help!             

Q: Which one can i workout with?

A: For working out we recommend the sporty waist trainer, the vest or the latex full-bodies! 

Q: How do i pick my size?

A: In all product pictures we have a size chart available. The size chart goes based on your weight and height and is very accurate, if you don't like it very tight do 1 size up!

Q: Do i have to get a size smaller so it can fit tight?

A: No, ours already come reduced. therefore, no need to down size when choosing size.

Q: Will fajas show underneath a dress?

A: depends on material of dress and style faja, if your looking for one for dress these are the top sellers for dresses, #5022 #2020 #170 CLICK EACH TO VIEW

Q: whats the best post-partum shapewear? 

A: We recommend the high compression full-body with 3 hooks so it can help all your body, click here to view this one! but you can do any style you like!

Q: Will the full body mark my thigh? 

A: No not at all, our faja is designed to fit all types of bodies and thighs!

Q: How do i wash my faja? 

A: We recommend to hand wash with cold water.